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Got Questions? Check Our Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. This class is designed for the person who is unfamiliar with firearms.
No, we normally have a few women every course.
Yes, we have pistols, magazines, holsters and belts for rent. Just email us a head of time.
They usually range from 6- 12. We try to keep the course limited to 12 so that we can really focus more time and attention on each student. We avoid providing generic and/or watered down training.
Yes you will receive a certificate of completion for each class you successfully complete.
A parent or guardian is required to take the class along with a child under the age of 18. We ask you, the parent, “Do you feel comfortable with the child next to you with a loaded gun?” If you have any doubts, wait a couple of years. Children are actually easier to teach than adults, because when we tell a child to do something, they do it. Adults ask, “Why?”
Knowing how to shoot is not the same as knowing how to fight with a firearm. Shooting skills are only one aspect of a gunfight. We teach everything from basic shooting skills to tactical training, such as understanding how distance, time, and environmental factors etc affect the outcome. The gun itself will not win the fight, the best trained individual will optimally have the best chance to win.
You will be doing a LOT of shooting. In the most basic of our courses, most students will fire at least 200 – 500 rounds of ammunition in a dynamic environment. Our suggestion is to bring the HANDGUN that you will be using for Home defense, compete with and/or personally carry.