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11 Oct
Handgun Fundamentals
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14 Oct
Tactical Handgun 2
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Although carrying a concealed weapon without a permit is now legal, proper training is essential to ensure your success in a defensive encounter. Additionally, it is crucial to learn the appropriate actions to take following such an event. Owning a firearm is merely the first step in self-defense. When faced with a situation that demands a swift response, you’ll want to be well-prepared and confident in your abilities. We offer comprehensive training that ensures your safety, enhances your skills, and prepares you for any situation.


OMG, I was so scared! I even thought of leaving when the course started. Pistol course Long story short, they were very patient and their step by step curriculum made it easy to progress without feeling intimidated. Very detailed in their explanations never leaving you doubting. I received my carry concealed permit and I can't wait for the next course.  Thanks RDT

Lisa Williams, Student / Handgun Fundamentals Aug 16
I've been shooting for a while now, mostly going to the range and shooting from a lane. Best pistol course when I went out to Red Dot Tactical and we started running and shooting, from cover, around corners. That's when I noticed how much I lacked any real preparation for real world encounter. This is so much different than that simple class to get my concealed carry permit.  I'm sure coming back for more. I learned so much, but there's so much more to learn and you can't argue with how much fun it is.
Luis F. Martinez, Student/ Handgun Tactical I March2016
First time shooter. I attended a class to gain my concealment license and saw how much I needed real training. Now that I have a family at home, I wanted to train. I've always been very intimidated with guns, I explain to the staff that I had no knowledge of weapons. Pistol course They simply asked me if I was willing to learn, I said yes, and they took it from there. They have a step-by-step built in curriculum that help me build a great foundation.  I can honestly say, this training will save my life if that horrible time ever occurs.
Robert Lorert Peterson, Student / Handgun Fundamentals Nov 2016
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