Tactical Handgun II

Tactical Handgun II is a course that’s directed at Self-Defense with your firearm. Learning the anatomy of your target. Understanding what’s an off switch (Midbrain, Pons and/or Medulla oblongata) and what’s a timer (Heart, Arteries, Aorta etc.) The difference between shoots and NO shoots, angles, verbal commands, explosive movement vs shooting on the move, fighting from the ground etc. This intense 1 day firearms training course focuses on challenging the student with balancing speed & accuracy during continuous rapid movement around obstacles and while running through groups of threats at CQB distances. Aggressive movement and lateral displacement will be emphasized throughout the course and students will also engage threats from various shooting positions that will include laying on both sides, supine, and while using unorthodox shooting positions to shoot around obstacles and through barriers.

Drill complexity and stress will increase as student’s decision making skills and target discrimination will be tested in shoot / don’t shoot courses of fire while continuously moving. We will leave as much range artificiality out of this training as possible. While still keeping a very high level of safety. This course is dedicated to real world encounters. Knowing how to shoot and knowing how to fight with your firearm are two different worlds. Our drills will help you understand the skills and thinking behind using basic but sound tactics to improve your advantage in a self defense situation.

  • Firearms training safety rules review
  • Principals of personal defense
  • Advanced pistol methodology and concepts
  • Mental conditioning and combat mindset
  • Enhanced tactical aptitude
  • Methodology of combat shooting the pistol.
  • Balancing speed and accuracy.
  • Enhanced tactical speed shooting concepts.
  • Reducing stimulus / response time.
  • Multi-shot progressive shooting drills.
  • Multi-shot rhythm drills and split time reduction strategies.
  • Moving off the line of force and lateral displacement.
  • Dominating the weapon, threat and visual areas.
  • Engaging threats during continuous movement
  • Engaging threats at CQB distances while running
  • Engaging threats during shoot / don’t shoot drills
  • Engaging multiple threats while negotiating obstacles
  • Engaging threats shooting over and around barricades
  • Recovering from prone and supine positions to standing
  • Review ammunition management techniques
  • Review malfunction clearance drills
  • Multiple threat engagement strategies
  • Verbal Commands
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