Tactical Handgun I

Here we will work on the fundamentals that you’ve learned and gear them to a more dynamic environment. Inducing stress is a big part of this course.  You will learn how to fight using your environment, knowing the difference between cover and concealment. This 1-day firearms training course focuses on developing combat mindset and aggressive gun-handling skills. The concepts of dominating the weapon, threat, and all visual areas while moving off the line of force when its warranted. Students will develop reflexive skills that will enable them to quickly and efficiently engage threats while performing multiple complex tasks.

  • Firearms training safety rules review
  • Principals of personal defense
  • Mental conditioning and combat mindset
  • Developing tactical aptitude
  • Review of shooting fundamentals.
  • Methodology of combat shooting the semi-automatic pistol
  • Combat gun-handling skills
  • Transition from strong hand to support hand
  • Reloading the semi-automatic pistol with one hand
  • Clearing malfunctions and stoppages with one hand
  • Engaging threats using the strong hand only
  • Engaging threats using the support hand only  
  • Moving off the line of force and lateral displacement
  • Engaging threats one hand only while shooting on the move. 
  • Threat assessment and area scanning  
  • Engaging threats from the supine position and fighting back to standing from the supine position
  • Engaging threats while laying on the strong side
  • Engaging threats while laying on the support side.
  • Engaging threats from the prone position and fighting back to standing from the prone position
  • Engaging threats with handgun inverted and laying on back
  • Recovering from prone and supine positions to standing
  • Engaging threats while fighting back to the standing position
  • Engaging threats from the seated position on the ground and fighting back to standing from the sitting position
  • Use of the flash sight picture vs. perfect sight alignment
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