Range day w/ Red Dot Tactical

Range Time!!  We’re heading to the range and would like to invite all of our alumni students to come out and run new and fun drills with us. Depending on what you want to work on, we will set drills for the specific skill. We will set different scenarios and set up an assortment of fun drill that will help you gain more trigger time under the eye of awesome instructors that can correct a few mistakes here and there. Improving your self every single run. Fastest why to becoming a better shooter is good old fashion trigger time. Hope to see you there.

  • Remember all your normal Range gear/equipment.
  • Eye pro/ Ear pro a must.
  • Firearm(s) and Ammo
  • Hat/comfortable cloth/sneakers
  • Holsters for pistols and magazine holster/pouches.
  • Sling for Carbine/Rifle
  • Sharpie, YES a danm Sharpie! Mark your hits (no pray and spray with RDT)
  • Snack/Hydration/notepad
  • Lastly, a strong will to improve and have some fun at the RANGE!

We have Firearms and gear/equipment for rent plus ammo for sale

Just aim and shoot here and let us know what you need, we got your 6!

Phone: (877) 572-6449
2153 NW 86th Ave Miami, FL 33126