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Private training consists of a specific curriculum tailored for the main student. You will learn or just improve in a faster time having a 1 on 1 course than a larger class where the instructor’s time and attention must be divided among other students. Having your own private instructor means every draw, every shot, every movement of the gun can and will be examined with feedback. Meaning, you’re learning with every single exercise/drill/scenario.  For some of us, we rather not be surrounded by strangers as we learn a new difficult skill that we then must demonstrate in front of everyone. This can sometimes be intimidating for some people, or you just may not have a lot of time and would rather take a few hours with a private instructor and learn more than what you would in an 8-hour group course. No matter what’s the reasoning, we are here ready to help.  I strongly recommend if you are new to shooting, please email us, we normally advice a 2-hour block for your first-time shooters. Unfortunately, just 1 hour will not cover all that’s needed but no worries, we will give you 50% off the 2nd hour. Most of our students thank us for that second hour, that’s where it all starts to fall into place for them. Any questions, just align your sights here and slowly press the trigger, we got your 6!   Stay ready, shoot steady.

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