Handgun Fundamentals


It’s awesome that you’re taking the correct steps on becoming a truly responsible gun owner and getting great firearm training. Remember, that’s just a tool, you’re the WEAPON!

Read below for mandatory gear/equipment.

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In this training course we will be teaching the fundamentals, what every beginner should learn. We will teach you everything you will need to create a strong foundation. Starting with safety, stance, grip, draw, proper sight alignment, sight picture, trigger press, trigger reset, recoil management, reloads, fixing malfunctions and installing the right body mechanics and mind set for it all. Everything you need to properly handle your firearm with confidence and purpose. We will only teach things that have been proven to work in the real world, not just in a shooting range.  We can guarantee a few things, you will leave knowing more and feeling more confident about your skills and firearm. Moreover, you will have a great foundation that you can now build on, no matter if you’re learning these skills for self-defense, competition or/and just for fun.


Trainings are every other Wednesdays from 6pm – 8:30pm 

Please, look at our calendar for availability, we can only take 12 students per training


Classes are held at Andy’s Police and Supply and Range

14000 NW 82nd avenue Miami Lakes, FL 33016


***Mandatory Gear/Equipment***

Handgun with at least 2 magazines (if single stack 3-5 magazines)

Pistol Holster (no cross-draw/revolvers)

Magazines holsters / pouches

100 Rounds of ammunition **

**Absolutely no reloaded or remanufactured ammunition! **

Eye and Ear Protection

Sneakers, preferably. No open toe shoes.


***Optional Gear/Equipment***


Notepad for notes


 We have Firearms, ammo and Gear for rent. Just click to email and let us know what you need, we got you!
Phone: (877) 572-6449
2153 NW 86th Ave Miami, FL 33126