Home Firearm Safety Course

This is directed at understanding your home, it’s weakness and strengths. We will create and execute different plans for a few of the most common scenarios that occur in homes. We will teach you how to defend your home when it’s tactically sound too and when and how to evade and escape safely. Our approach is not limited to an attack and destroy methodology. Our main goal is to get you and your family back to a safe environment whether in your home or out.  You will learn how to fight with your firearm(s) from every room, hallway, stairway, bathroom, kitchen, etc. By maximizing angles and utilizing space and awareness to gain advantages to better your tasks at hand.  Loved ones and their location around the homes is a big factor when planing, we will plan accordingly.  The skills and knowledge needed to defend your self of loved ones will not magically appear when needed, their earned before through proper planing and training.  This is a lengthy 4hr custom tailored curriculum based on your home and family settings.

Phone: 786-266-4993
Miami Lakes, FL