Handgun Fundamentals

We cover the essential skills that every beginner needs to build a solid foundation in firearm safety and proficiency. Our comprehensive curriculum includes safety guidelines, proper stance, grip, draw technique, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, recoil management, reloads, malfunction clearance, and the development of the right mindset and body mechanics for effective firearm handling.

We focus on teaching practical skills that have been proven to work in real-world scenarios, not just on the shooting range. Our guarantee is that by the end of the course, you will have gained valuable knowledge, increased confidence in your abilities, and a strong foundation to build upon, whether your goal is self-defense, competitive shooting, or simply enjoying the sport.

** Trainings are held in Miami Lakes, Florida

** Our calendar will show available dates, we can only take 12 students per training.

  • Firearms training and basic firearms safety rules
  • Fundamentals of shooting
  • The natural action stance and thumbs forward grip
  • Controlling sight picture – perfect sight alignment
  • Basic marksmanship and target analysis
  • Basic gun-handling skills
  • Presentation from ready pistol
  • Presentation from the holster
  • Learning Recoil management
  • Loading / unloading and press checking
  • Ammunition management – Emergency reloads, tactical reloads and speed reloads
  • Malfunction clearance drills – Class 1 and Class 2
  • Methodology of shooting the semi-automatic pistol
  • Developing a dry-practice program and dry-practice skill building drills
  • Fundamental diagnostics and self-correcting fundamental errors
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