Emergency Aid for Trauma Injuries Course

In dealing with situations of this nature, people are exposed to various types of serious traumatic injuries such as lacerations and blunt trauma to more serious injuries such as gunshot wounds. Emergency medical services may not always be readily available or may not have timely access to you when you are injured. Being able to identify various types of injuries and knowing how to administer emergency self-aid may keep you alive until you can receive advanced medical care. Using techniques designed for and proven by the U.S. military, this course introduces the student to pre-incident planning, preparation, and provision of basic, effective, initial medical care for immediate personal application and emergency wound care for others.

Knowing how to identify a serious injury and taking action within the first few minutes of being injured are critical. Ultimately, surviving a serious injury before help arrives may be up to you! What will you do to stay alive?

We’ll be covering :

  • Mental conditioning and survival mindset.
  • Medical pre-planning.
  • Individual and team applications.
  • Legal issues and considerations.
  • Basic anatomy and physiology.
  • Mechanisms of injury.
  • Ballistics and gunshot injuries.
  • Pathophysiology of penetrating trauma wounds.
  • Pathophysiology of blunt trauma injuries.
  • Wound assessment – primary, secondary and ongoing.
  • Basic airway management techniques.
  • Proper use of BLS airway management equipment.
  • Proper application of pressure dressings – Olaes and Israeli Bandage Dressings (IBD).
  • Proper application of tourniquets – CAT, SWAT-T, SOF-T.
  • Hemostatic dressings and wound packing.
  • Chest seals and treatment of pneumothorax.
  • Emergency medical communications.
  • Developing personal carry first aid kits.
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