RED DOT = (R)ecognize (E)valuate (D)ecide (D)ot (O)n (T)arget

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Our Approach

We are driven by our dedication to make every student the most proficient shooter they can be. However, shooting your firearm for fun at the range and firing your weapon for self-defense are two different worlds.

We have incorporated many specialist to understand how the body and brain work together in relations to firearms. From a neurological, anatomically, physiological and bio-mechanical stand point. We’ve gone deeper than a simple copy and paste  basic workshop textbook curriculum.

We have many tools in today’s world where we can put new theories to the test. Find new and better ways to understand the human body and its relations to self-defense and firearms training. Our trainings are saturated in tactics and techniques that have been proven to work in the real world, leaving out as much range artificialities as we can while still providing a safe environment for our students to learn, grow and progress in. Come prepared to absorb, get challenged and have some fun.  Head on a swivel, stay ready, shoot steady.

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We offer fun and exiting firearms classes with talented and certified instructors

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